If you’ve just moved to the Denver area and don’t have any family or friends to recommend a quality doctor or dentist to you, then we recommend doing a little research online first. Start with the online directories like Yelp and Google maps after doing a search for “Dentist” or “Orthodontist” in your suburb, or if you want to search broader just put in Denver. Look for a large amount of experience (time since the dental office opened in the area) as well as positive customer reviews. Pay close attention to any negative reviews and take them for what they are worth (some of these can be fake) and then make the best decision. We then recommend calling a few of them to talk with the office assistant about their scheduling and pricing and to get a general feel for the office (after looking at pictures online of course).

When it comes to finding your primary care doctor this can be a bit trickier. You won’t tend to find the same sort of reviews that you see online for dentists and other practices. Also depending on your medical insurance you may only have a choice of a few different doctors in your network. Whatever the case we recommend inquiring with other people in your network about the physicians before making your final choice and if you are not comfortable with the doctor on your first visit do not be afraid to try another!  We hope this small bit of advice helps out.